We Provide Results

We coach golfers and optimize golf equipment with the sole focus of helping golfers meet their expectations. Our mission is to create an environment that will grow a community of fun loving golfers in the process.

We coach people and it just so happens to be around the game of golf. That is to say we value people, and especially value all of our precious time. Therefore, we take a data driven, objective, and analytical approach to help our golfers focus on the areas in their game which will provide the fastest path to improvement. If we can do this without a golf swing overhaul we will. We believe in coaching. Coaching includes instruction, but more importantly coaches direct appropriate practice and actually observe the game. And In conclusion, we believe an on course evaluation. This is in addition to the analytics captured in our studio, chart the path to the golfers most critical improvement areas the fastest.


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“Excellent facility that has the technology and expertise to help you improve your golf game. Highly recommend you include this as part of your training program so you can enjoy a more satisfying experience on the course!”


“Excellent facility, first class set up. Very personalized approach focusing on my specific needs. Great instruction, feedback and follow up.”


“The team at the Golf Project not only improved my game but my confidence as well. It is a very interesting environment to work in because you get immediate feedback making it easier to make changes in your swing. When I make a bad shot on the golf course I now am able to figure out what I did wrong and fix it on the next shot. They have been excellent at following health guidelines. They were also very flexible during this time. I was able to cancel and change appointments easily.”