We are here to MAP your golfing future. Our Measure, Assess and Plan approach will make Practice more impactful and Play much easier. 

Your personal MAP will guide you along the road to better outcomes much faster. 

Come in for a MAP-ing session today! 



Measure | Assess | Plan | Practice | Play

You need a game plan.  A direction for you to go with guidance the entire way. Give yourself the best chance at success! We offer a definitive way for you to discover the greatest strengths and biggest improvement opportunities of your game. We will provide you with the key references on how you stack up to others of your same skill level and give you the tools you need to start making tangible improvements!! 



Measure | Assess | Plan | Practice | Play

The tools of the trade make all the difference.  Make sure you have the right tools to get the job done! We are the experts in everything from a simple re-grip or repair, all the way to world class, PGA Tour Proven Club Fitting.  Come in and find out what your current clubs do and perhaps what some new club s are capable of as well!! 


For any and all of your repair needs

Jason, John and Laird are three of the best club fitters and club repair technicians in the entire world! Jason teaches the PGA of Canada courses on club fitting, John has been honing his specialized abilities as a PGA pro for more than 2 decades and Laird travels the world building clubs for some to the top PGA Tour players (Justin Rose, Bernhard Langer, Paul Casey and more!!). Come see us for all your club fitting and club repair needs!

The Golf Performance Project
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