Coaching Programs

How do I get Started with The GOLF Performance Project?

Where do you start?  This is our question too: where are you starting from?  In order to reach your golfing goals, you and your PGA of Canada Coach need to have a clear game plan on how to get you there. Our expertise lies in providing objective Measurement, expert Assessment, and devising clear and individual Plans. At GP2 we call this process our M.A.P.

We leverage our state of the art technology in GP2’s unique environment to learn exactly how your golf ball, your club, and your body are working together to produce your current results. 

Our M.A.P. Session will take about 90 minutes after which we will have a clear Plan, a blue print, for the project that is your golf game.

We look forward to the opportunity to support you and your golf game.

    M.A.P. Session – $150

    I’ve Completed the M.A.P. – What’s Next?



     Ball Control Program ($449/mo.)

    We know why you’re here. Your ball is disrespectful, it doesn’t listen to you, and generally does it’s own thing.  Following your Game M.A.P. we will set you up for success by guiding you to understand, and create, the conditions to control your golf ball.  This one month program will consist of three hours of one on one coaching  supported by 3 hours of personal private practice in our state of the art studio environment.  You’re a smart human.  With a clear plan, meaningful feedback, and objective information you will learn, change, and improve.  Once you gain an understanding of what YOU need to do to control your golf ball it is time to start skill building programs…on to Team GP2.

    What is included in the Ball Control Program again?

     – Three 1hr Coaching Sessions with one of our award winning PGA golf professionals

    – Three 1hr Private Practice Sessions in our state of the art data rich learning environment.  

    Team GP2 ($349/mo.) 

     Why teams? Golf, the game, is played in groups and enjoyed socially.  We believe your training should be in a similar environment and believe creating this environment is critical to you your success. Practice needs to look like the game.  There is a reason you can’t bring your range game to the course.  In fact, in Teams we actually take you on the course to help you “transfer” your range skills to the actual game. This includes, over one month, one on course coaching session, two in studio coaching sessions, and one shortgame coaching session.  


    Have you ever had your golf coach take your onto the course? Have you ever practiced (trained) your skills in team environment?  If you are looking for guaranteed success, actual progress in your skill development necessary to shoot lower scores, then Teams is where you will make this progress.  A reminder, to be eligible for Teams you will have gone through a Game M.A.P., completed your ball control learning program, and now your are ready to see you skills develop.  We look forward to being you guides!

    What is included in Team GP2 program again?

    – One 9 hole coaching session on the the course

    – Two 1 hour coaching sessions in our state of the art data rich learning environment

    – One 1hour short game coaching session