Our Story

We are golfers.

Just like you, we love the game and are fascinated by its nuances. Our team of professionals possess a lifetime of experience mastering golf skills, coaching players of all levels, and fitting equipment from rank beginners to world #1 tour players.

Our commitment is to pass along the lessons we have learned on our journey. We took the long road so you don’t have to.

What We Do

 Our mission is to create a coaching and learning environment that will grow a community of golfers who have fun achieving results.

How We Do It

We take a data-driven, objective, and analytical approach to help golfers focus on the areas of their game which will provide the clearest path to improvement. We believe in a multifaceted coaching approach that pairs player-specific instruction with directed appropriate practice and on-course support. This blend of on-course and in-studio training charts the path towards critical improvement.

Would you invest in a process that guaranteed results?

If you would like to find out more about our guaranteed improvement program, please provide your information so one of our professionals can contact you directly.

Guaranteed Results

You read that right. We are willing to offer you guaranteed results. After all, isn’t this why you would hire a coach in the first place? You expect changed results.

We do not believe you need to get worse before you get better. We also know you don’t need more information. There are few secrets in our information economy. But, you need the right information about you organized and simplified so you can make the lasting changes to your game you desire.

We want to get you on a path to better so you can reach your goals quicker. All of our coaching plans start with an on-course evaluation and typically last 3 months. There are many revelations but few miracles…guaranteed results take time and commitment.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy informs our process – we start with what, not how!

There is so much “how to” in golf instruction it’s hard to know where to stop and start with swing theory. Our team has little concern for theory. We suspect that almost all golfers, when we strip away all the noise, are concerned primarily with one question: What is my golf ball doing? So, that’s where we start– with the golf ball. We take a measured “cause and effect” perspective to each student to solve golf ball their problems.

Our concept of “What” over “How” goes further. We believe that Golf is What the Golf Ball Does!

This why we prefer to start our journey with each of our golfers on the golf course. Our nine-hole “playing consultation” is designed to be fun and great way to introduce ourselves. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the score card. What better way to spend a couple hours together, learning about your goals for the game, assessing how you play the game, and getting a true reference for what we are trying to achieve. Golf is the only game we can think of where the coach never watches the game. We believe this is a disservice to the player and the coach. Golf is more than technique so we want to see our golfers in action.

Which brings us to an interesting point to consider: improved technique does NOT ensure you will have improved performance. This is especially true if your on-course performance has nothing to do with your technique. We want to know this before we ask you to change how you move.

Whether you are interest in coaching or equipment fitting, our process for each client looks like this; We like to call this process a MAP3 , which stands for Measure, Assess, Plan, Practice, & Play.


– Don’t guess if you can Measure. You can’t change what you don’t measure. To become the golfer you want to be, we must first establish the golfer you are today. This starts with measurement. Measurement allows us to take away ambiguity and confusion and move to clarity. Our state of the art facility has the latest in tech to take an x-ray of your game. However, we really want to have your results show up on the golf course so that’s where we ideally start.


– This is where our expertise comes in. We look at the measurements and sift through the symptoms and drill down quickly to the real problems. Sometimes there needs to be skill added, or a technique changed in order to reach the goals. However, often times the assessment process reveals strengths or assets a player has, but is not aware of. The assessment process is about finding the best path forward to meet the players stated goals. Many times, this does not require major technique changes, just better understanding of how you work as a golfer.


– This is where the rubber hits the road and we get to see changes take shape in the direction of the stated goals. What are the necessary steps, the time frame, and the Key Performance Indicators which will allow a player to reach their goals? The plan is an accountability program. What is the coaches role and what is the golfers role. Who needs to do what work and how long will it take. If a golfer is going to participate in our Guaranteed Results program they will need to adhere to a plan in order to achieve those results. If the golfer sticks to the plan and doesn’t reach their goal, we will coach you until they do.


– Most golf practice looks a lot like exercise and had little to do with building and then transferring new skills on to the golf course. Is what you do when you practice any more than you enjoying the parts of the game you are already good at? Are we just practicing until we get it perfect? We have nothing against enjoying the sweet feeling of a flushed long iron, but if it takes me a medium bucket to do it I’m likely not going to transfer that onto positive results and meet expectations on the golf course. Your practice time is valuable and limited so it needs to be highly effective. We design specific practice plans for each of our golfers to maximize their time, ensure skills are being built and are transferring onto the course. Remember, the definition of failure on the golf course is hitting the same club twice in a row. Our practice should reflect this.


– Play is what this is all about. Golf is a game. Games are learned through playing. Golf is one of the worlds most nuanced games with a vast suite of skills. Some of those skills will cover for others. But there is no skill that will cover not knowing how to PLAY the game. Understanding what your personal par is. Understanding what good is; both for your game and compared to the highest level. This is why we like to start each coaching relationship in the environment in which our work together will ultimately be evaluated – on the course. The path to your greatest golfing goals may not need a swing overhaul. A higher level of self awareness and clarity of intention go a long way to lowering a players tension levels

To become the golfer you want to be we must first establish the golfer who you are. Because most golfers have distorted perspective on what “good” is we see expectations that are not consistent with even a PGA Tour players performance. So, first we want to know about your goals. We start with a conversation and some questions. Then, with your goals in mind, we guide you through our expert assessment process and identify gaps between your skills and your on-course performance. Next, if you’re under performing on the course, we work with you on how to best use your existing skills to improve your on-course performance. If your performance on the course is as good as it can be due to your skill level, we address your the skills most critical to reach your performance goals.

Our Technology

Why guess when you can measure?

Measurement allows for objective assessment to take place. With an objective assessment a viable plan can be created. Plans require work. And if we are going to spend time and energy then we want to do so on areas that specifically contribute to the golfers goals.

Both our coaching and equipment fitting processes follow Measure, Assess, and then Plan. This process allows for accountability. From the coach to the golfer, but as importantly, from the golfer back to the coach.


What can be measured?

Our focus is first on the golf ball. Golf is what the ball does, so this is where we start. Next, because the ball receives it’s direction from the club, this is the second area we focus our measurement. Finally, the club gets its directions from our body.

The launch monitor technology we use to measure the golf ball and golf club are Foresight Sports, GCHawk and GCQuad, for indoors measurement and Trackman, for outdoor measurement.

To look at how a golfers body is working we have two pieces of technology. With K-MOTION 3D we can capture how the body is moving through space and we can evaluate how the body segments are functioning together in real time. Additionally, with our Swing Catalyst Balance Plate and camera system we can evaluate how a golfer is moving and making use of the ground. Both of these systems allows us to integrate our launch monitor data with body movement to assess the efficiency of a player.

Don’t worry, we don’t inundate our golfers with information. We’re golfers too and understand you can’t think of more than one thing at a time. It is the coach or the club fitters role to communicate the important info. In our process we identify KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, in our assessment process and then validate the progress being made towards the goal with key metrics.

Our Team

Jason Giesbrecht

Head Teaching Professional

Jason is a 28-year PGA of Canada Professional with a wealth of expertise and a passion for helping golfer reach their goals. Jason has a great track record of building development programs and fostering learning environments which help bring the best out in golfers.

His belief that a measurement is better than a guess made him an early adopter of diagnostic technology including launch monitors, 3D motion capture, video analysis and ground reaction forces.

Jason has been recognized many times, most recently for a national award in 2018 for Professional Development. Jason’s passion for people and this great game of are full display in all he does.


Laird White

Performance Specialist

Laird, well known in Eastern Canada for his successes, lives in a world of coaching and club fitting excellence. He is one of the foremost equipment fitting experts on the planet.

Much of his time is spent globetrotting on the PGA Tour, helping the game’s best players find the needed edge for their games. While much of his day to day is with the world’s best players, his heart is with the weekend golfer who is striving to break a personal milestone.

Laird is an innovator and an industry leader in the gamification of practice. His unique perspective blends his knowledge of both how to deliver a club on a ball, but more importantly, how to transfer skills to a golf course environment.


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